Landscape Management

At Outdoor Concepts, customer service and passion for providing beautiful landscaping maintenance and design is the direct result of our hardworking landscapers and landscape designers. Our commitment to helping you achieve the scenic views and spaces you're looking for are complimented by our dedication to regular maintenance.

Snow Plowing

With our Ohio winters, we also provide snow removal services to both residential and commercial areas. Be it a driveway, office building, shopping center, medical facility, or industrial property, our experienced team is available around the clock to assist you with all your winter service needs.

Not only can you rely on Outdoor Concepts for timely, professional service, but our rates and maintenance schedules are competitive and flexible. Call us now to find out more about our services and to plan your snow removal schedule. 

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Tel.: 330-283-5361
Email: [email protected]

Sprutte's Outdoor Concepts, LLC
Attn. Brian Sprutte
P.O. Box 154
Diamond, Ohio 44412

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